Thirsty Thursday – Black Tea Lemonade

OK, so I have a huge weakness for Starbucks!  It’s a habit I picked up when we lived in NY and I had a much larger disposable income.  Now that I’m no longer in that same situation (thankfully), I have a more limited budget, which can’t really support my twice-a-day Venti Black Tea Lemonade Light Ice No Sugar addiction.  I have cut back to once in a while recently due to distance to the closest Starbucks and budgetary constraints.  But, I’ve been supplementing with watered down cranberry juice and that’s just not cutting it anymore.  Which meant I was on the hunt for a suitable substitution!  Where did I go to find this alternative beverage?  Why Pinterest, of course!  Did I find what I was looking for?  Absolutely!

I was completely psyched!  It wasn’t a hard recipe to follow, it is actually much less expensive, and it really does taste like the real deal! First I gathered my supplies:  3 tea bags (I used Red Rose, because it is a nice Orange Pekoe Black Tea Blend), 10 cups of water (I used filtered, because tap water in Ohio is just gross), 1/2 cup of sugar (next time I’m leaving this out), and 1 can frozen lemonade.

btl supplies

Once I had everything ready to go, I poured 5 cups of water into a large saucepan and set it to boil.  Once it was boiling I took it off the heat and added the 1/2 cup of sugar and stirred it so that it would dissolve completely.

5 cups of water  bring it to a boil  remove from heat and add sugar

While the water was boiling, I put the frozen lemonade into a pitcher and added the remaining 5 cups of water.  Stirring to combine everything nicely.

add frozen lemonade  add water to lemonade

Once the sugar was dissolved, I added the 3 tea bags and set the pot aside so they could steep for 3 minutes.

steeping the tea

Once the tea was brewed, I took the pot and combined it with the lemonade in the pitcher.

add tea to lemonade

Then I stuck the pitcher in the fridge to let it cool down.  About an hour later I poured myself a nice refreshing glass.

Homemade Black Tea Lemonade

While I will always love Starbucks, my bank account is very relieved that this recipe is such a close match!  Next time I’m going to leave out the sugar, because that’s how I order it at the store, and see how it turns out.  I wonder what else I can duplicate at home to cut some costs until my finances recover from home ownership???  Any suggestions?


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