A Shrine for the Keurig

Anyone who knows anything about coffee, knows that a Keurig is a miraculous coffee maker.  Not just a regular old coffee pot, but an entity unto itself! As such, it deserves a place of honor, and in our new kitchen, there really wasn’t a great place to put it.  Which meant the we had to figure something out… which lead me to explore Pinterest for a possible solution.  I found my answer, or the starting point with this project – a Pottery Barn Console Table Knock-Off.

console table sample pic

I downloaded the directions, cut list, and supply list from Ana-White’s blog.  It was so complete and thorough!  I was a great place to start.

First I measured the area where I wanted to install the console, so I could adjust the plans I had found to accommodate the size of the area in my kitchen I needed to fill.  The original plans called for a longer and shorter table, but I needed something counter height, so we changed the plans to match the new design.  I decided on a single unit (with no center divide) 42″ wide by 36″ tall and 16″ deep.  I also removed the “X” shaped things on the sides, because I wanted something with easier access to the sides, because we need to be able to thread the plugs through, and it’s sandwiched between two walls, so it doesn’t have to be super pretty where you can’t see it.

I usually tell you each step and what happened during the construction, but this project was hard to keep up with photo wise, so it’ll be less descriptive that usual.

First, we bought all the wood that we needed for the project, and gathered all the tools to build it.  We used a chop saw to cut the wood to length, a drill, speed square and tape measure during the assembly.  When we had everything cut to length, we started by building the legs.  We took 2 of the 34″ long 2 x 4’s and connected them with 3 of the 12″ long 2 x 4’s.

making the legs

We then repeated the process for the other leg.  We started out working in the garage shop, but it was way too freaking cold, so we moved into the basement.

two legs ready to connect

We made the height of the shelves different, so that we could put larger objects on the bottom shelf.  I’m pretty sure that’s where we are going to put the dog food.  After we had the sides built, it was time to connect them to each other.

connecting the sides

We used 6 1×2’s to connect the two legs.  They were each cut to 32″ long.  We toe nailed each one into the legs at the top of each of the cross braces for the shelves.  We had to toe nail them, because we don’t have a Kreg Jig (yet – they’re on the expensive side of life, and we had other tool purchases that were higher up on the needs list).  We used the speed square to make sure everything was plumb, before we screwed everything together.

When we had the side braces secured, it was time to put on the shelves.  Instead of put the single plank ones in first, we decided to attach the 3 2×6’s to the top.

putting the top on    checking for plumb   top's on

Then we moved on to the lower shelves.  We used 2 pieces of 1×12 shelf stock cut to length.

attaching the shelves   second shelf

Then it was time to sand and stain the piece!  We sanded everything, and rounded out the sharp edges on the top.  We chose a dark walnut stain to match the hideous paneling and cabinets in our current kitchen, but that will also work well with the white cabinets, and dark floor that we eventually will have in our home.

ready to sand and stain  ready to install

Then we moved it into the kitchen and put all of our coffee and tea stuff on the console table.  The Keurig is now properly enshrined in a place of honor in our kitchen.

ready to house the almightly Keurig



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