Quest to Read Them All – According to Jane

This week’s installment on my Quest to Read Them All is According to Jane by Marilyn Brant.

According to Jane

This is another book that I picked up when Borders was going out of business.  So far, it’s my favorite of the books I found then.  It was a pretty quick read.  I would call it a vacation (or beach) book.

The book has an interesting concept, but I’m an English teacher and a bit of a weirdo.  The main character is a young woman, Ellie, who hears Jane Austen’s voice in her head, almost like a conscious, but as more of an imaginary friend.  They have conversations, debates, and arguments throughout the book, mainly centering on Ellie’s romantic choices.  The story would have worked just as well without Jane’s presence, but I’m a sucker for ’80’s John Hughes movies and that is what Ellie’s life reminds me of throughout the whole book.  I found it difficult to keep track of the time frame of the book, because it was not presented in a continuous timeline format.  I don’t need to have a story presented in 1-2-3 order, I like flashbacks and intertwined threads of story within one book, but this book was a challenge for me.  It was hard to put everything in order in my brain, so that I could get a better understanding of Ellie’s evolution and maturation as a character.  I found that I was hoping for more interaction with the supporting characters (like Sam and Di) and less of the back and forth with the voice of Jane.  Ms. Brant did deliver an interesting set of HEAs, which made this hopeless romantic smile.



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