A Place for Snowy Boots and Doggy Towels

I live in an area that gets a bunch of crummy Winter weather – snow, sleet, freezing rain.  In our new house if you go in the front door, it opens directly into my living room, and there isn’t really a place to stash all of the bad weather gear we need to have on hand.  Now the area by the back door is another story completely.  It has lots of room, just nowhere to actually put the stuff.  This is an issue I’ve been dealing with for a while now, but I think we’ve finally gotten a handle on things.  We are using these dog treat and leash holders

Murphy's Leash Holder

for some of the dog stuff, but I wanted something for the larger items and the people stuff.  So I headed off to Pinterest for some inspiration and came up with these ideas:


I love the concept of repurposing items instead of just tossing them, you may remember one of my previous projects was an old window that I turned into a picture frame.  I also just so happened to have a couple of old doors hanging around in my basement just waiting to be transformed, so this was a perfect solution!

First I gathered all the supplies I would need: an old door, 2 1/2″ wood screws, a drill, some scrap fabric, the electric sander, an unfinished bench we had kicking around in the garage, a piece of scrap plywood, a circular saw, some cushion foam, an electric stapler, a hammer, left over dark chestnut wood stain and some hooks.  The only things on this project I actually had to go out and purchase were the hooks.  The rest of it I either already owned (like the tools) or were scrap from something else we made.  Talk about recycling!

Once I had everything put aside, I started prepping the door to act as the back of the unit.  I had to remove the old hardware, sand down the gross stuff and cut down the bottom so it was level.

remove the old hardware  make the base level  sand off the gross

Then I went over to the bench that we decided to attach to the bottom of the door.  I measured the top, and cut a piece of scrap plywood to fit.  I secured the wood, stained the legs, attached the cushion foam, and stapled the leather down to cover the foam.

measure the top  covering the top of the bench  ready to attach to the door

Next it was time to secure the bench to the door and attach the hooks.  We lined the bench up with the bottom of the door and used 4 2 1/2″ wood screws (2 on each of the back legs) to secure the bench to the door.  Then we grabbed the hooks and screwed them onto the front of the door above the bench.  I made sure that the hooks weren’t in a straight line (we wanted a sorta thrown together look), but were far enough up on the door so that a jacket wouldn’t hit the bench.

line up the bench with the door  screw the legs to the door  secure the hooks

This is my finished product…

mudroom door bench

What do you think?  I think we need to paint the back entry and replace the floor, but that’s a down the road project.  Maybe I’ll post an update when we get around to finishing it off.


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