Oh What A Relief…

I’m currently on a mission to finish setting up housekeeping in our new place (mostly, because the sooner it’s done, the sooner I can start looking for our next adventure, but that’s a topic for another time…), and that means that I need to come up with some decorative pieces to hang in our currently pretty blah dining room.  We’ve never had a dining room before, so we’ve had to find, re-imagine or create all of the pieces for this room.  We built shelves to house all of Gwen’s bar stuff.  We refinished a curbside find to store all of my platters (Gwen thinks I’m a bit obsessed, but we shall see who is right the first time we host a party), what little china I have, and the antique linens I’ve been hoarding since high school.  We went thrifting and found a fabulous table and a great oriental cabinet at remarkably affordable prices.  We gathered chairs (all of which need/needed to be reupholstered) from eBay.  I love all of what we have going on in there now, but there’s nothing on the walls and the room looks unfinished, which is what brought me to today’s Pinterest project.

I was scrolling through the pins and found this cool piece:

I love the idea of a relief painting.  A relief painting is a piece of art that has multiple layers that stand at different depths from each other.  So, I decided to check out the pin; however, when I clicked on the image it lead me to a “this blog no longer exists page.”  Which meant that if I wanted to duplicate the project I was going to have to wing it.  Now I liked the premise of the picture, but we are so not the floral kind of family, and orange just isn’t my thing; which meant that I needed to tweak the plan at least a bit to create the piece I wanted for my dining room.

I decided to go with 3 smaller canvases (mostly, because we already had them on hand), an abstract design (because that’s much more in keeping with our style), and a plumy purple color (to match the aforementioned newly upholstered eBay chairs).  The first thing I did was gather my materials:  3 canvases, a bottle of white glue, a plate (or pallet) to mix the paint, some water, sponge brushes, and a couple of different paints to choose from…

relief picture supplies

Then we opened the canvases, laid them out on the table and freehanded a design on all three with the bottle of glue.  It was ok to do freehand, because we wanted something abstract, but if you want to have an end product that’s more precise, you may want to sketch out the picture before you apply the glue.

drawing with glue

Once we had a design we liked (that worked well together) on all three canvases, we let them dry.

let them dry completely

Once the glue was totally dry (you don’t want it to smear and mix in with the paint) we chose a final paint color and mixed it with some water, so that we could get a washed effect.

paint  add water  stir to combine

No that the paint was mixed and ready to go, we painted over each canvas completely.  We wanted the project to have an uneven washed effect, so we weren’t overly concerned about how streaky the paint looked.

washing the paint over the dry glue

After all three canvases were dry, it was time to hang them in our dining room.  I love how they look, and can’t wait to finish the rest of the projects for this room!

Don't you just love my impromptu office?

Don’t you just love my impromptu office?


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