Thirsty Thursday – Candy Flavored Vodka

Anyone that follows my blog knows that I love to play with flavoring Vodka!  I’ve made Cranberry Lime Vodka and Limoncello & Chambord.  The other day, while I was killing time looking through the Everything tab on Pinterest I found an interesting idea: Candy Flavored Vodka!

Now, no one in my house is a huge fan of peppermint, so when I read through the directions on the original pin and found that she got her idea from skittle flavored vodka I was super excited!  All those fun colors, and Gwen (my resident guinea pig) loves them!  I was off and running with the idea…

First I gathered my ingredients:  3 small empty jars, a medium sized bag of Skittles, and a giant bottle of vodka.

Candy Flavored Vodka Ingredients

Next I had to sort the skittles by color, or I’d end up with a muddy brown drink.

Sorting Skittles

Then I put the 3 colors I had chosen to use into the small glass jars and covered the candy with vodka.

be generous with the vodka

I left the Skittles to soak in the vodka for 48 hours.  I did shake the jars every so often (about once every 8 hours or so).

don't forget to shake it up

When the candy had all melted, it was time to mix a fun drink.  I took a small rocks glass and poured 2 fingers of my new made Skittles Vodka and then added an equal amount of lemon-lime soda.  It foamed and made a really cool looking cocktail.  I loved the green color, and may have to break these out for St. Patrick’s Day.  (I’m getting tired of Green Beer.)

Ecto Cooler!

What kind of candy would you turn into an alcoholic beverage?


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