Thirsty Thursday – Whomping Willow

I’ve been reading the entire Harry Potter series again, but in the original British publication format, and I’m up to the final book!  I’m both happy and sad about this, but in honor of the event I decided to dedicate this month’s Thirsty Thursday post to Harry Potter inspired drinks.  I found this cool list of drink recipes all themed around Harry Potter on Pinterest and can’t wait to try out a few of them and share the results.

I picked the Whomping Willow to make first, because I had all of the ingredients on hand.  It called for: Vodka, Sour Apple Liqueur and lime juice.

Whomping Willow Ingredients

The only issue I found with the recipes, is that there are no ratios or amounts of each ingredient listed.  So I had to wing it.  I went with an 1/8 of an ounce of lime juice.

lime juice

Poured into a cocktail shaker loaded with ice.

icy cocktail shaker

Then an ounce of Green Apple gets added to the shaker.

Add a shot of pucker

Then add an ounce of your vodka of choice.

now a shot of vodka

Then shake it up well to chill and pour it into a pretty glass.

pour me a drink?  Whomping Willow

It was a nice mix of flavors, but just proced to me that I really am not a fan of vodka.  Hopefully the next one I try I’ll like a little better.  It was fun to sip on while I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


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