A Little Front Door Love

I admit it, I’ve become something of a wreath person.  I know, it just doesn’t seem at all like something I would use in my decorating, right?  Well, I do.  I have come to enjoy putting up a seasonally appropriate wreath on our front door.  We’ve had one for Halloween and one for Christmas, so which holiday is next on the list?  No, I’m not obsessive enough to have to have one for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or Groundhog Day, but I was totally hooked on the idea of one for Valentine’s Day!  So, off to Pinterest I went to find my wreath inspiration:

It’s just a photo, but it was an awesome starting point.  I’ve used ribbon to do my last two wreaths, but that can get rather expensive, which is why I switched to fabric this time around.  We also really liked the jingle bell part of the Christmas wreath, so when I found a heart shaped set of bells it was perfect for the middle of my wreath!

After I had purchased all of my new supplies I gathered everything together to get started.  I had 4 different fabrics (1/2 yard of each), Silver ribbon (to attach the bell and make a hanger), foam pipe insulation (to make the wreath form), duck tape (again with the wreath form), scissors (to cut the fabric), and my heart shaped jingle bells.

Valentine's Wreath Supplies

Once I had my wreath form made (all you need to do for that is take a 3 foot piece of foam pipe wrap and shape it into a circle and connect the ends using duck tape), I cut up the fabric into 1 1/2″ strips.  I didn’t measure, I wasn’t looking for precise.  I wanted the wreath to have a more shabby chic look.  I only used about half of each of the 4 pieces of fabric, so next time I make a fabric wreath I’m only going to get 1/4 yard of each type.

Cut the Fabric

Then I started wrapping the fabric around the wreath form.  I used a single knot to secure each strip to the wreath.  I made a pile of the fabric strips and selected at random from the pile, but made sure that no two colors were repeated next to each other in the wreath.

Tie it up  wrapping the wreath in fabric knots  all tied up

Once I had the entire wreath form covered, it was time to attach the jingle bells and make the ribbon hanger.  I cut a 3 foot piece of narrow silver ribbon and threaded it through the fabric loop attached to the bells.  Then I found the center of the wreath and tied a knot in the silver ribbon so that it was holding the fabric loop of the bells securely to the inside of the wreath.  Then I tied the dangling ends of the silver ribbon into a bow to act as the hook for the wreath.

secure the jingle bells  ready to hang

Next stop the front door!

Valentine's Wreath

What holiday wreath should I do next?  I was thinking about something for St. Patrick’s Day and I definitely need something for Opening Day!!!


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