Sunday Sweets – Glitter Cupcakes (Fail!)

I feel like this post is really cheating.  I mean who hasn’t made decorated cupcakes before?  I found this really cool pin on Pinterest for Edible Glitter Cupcakes and was intrigued (if you know Gwen at all, you’ll understand why…).

So when I went to explore the attached site for the pin, it was a total let down.  It lead me to a party planning site, with links to online shopping outlets to purchase the “edible glitter components.”  Too much of a pain to try and navigate, so I was off to the grocery store and craft store in search of a suitable option, because I had promised Glitter Cupcakes and when I make a promise I feel obligated to keep it, no matter what.  (If you know my family, you’ll understand why I’m like that, lol.)  Let me tell you, what they have in the stores is the same stuff they’ve had for years.  The closest you can come to edible glitter is colored sanding sugar.  What a let down.  I was looking for something that actually looks like glitter, but it isn’t actually out there.

Here’s what I ended up doing instead…  I made a boxed cake mix (this is where the cheating thing started), frosted the cupcakes with pre-made frosting (more cheating), and decorated them with colored sanding sugar (even more cheating).

glitter cupcake ingredients  boxed cake mix    mixing up the batter   time to bake   icing the cupcakes   faux glitter decorations  not quite sparkly enough  slightly disappointing

So can anyone help me out?  I need to find a better way to make glitter cupcakes!


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