Someplace to Hang Your Hat

I love repurposing things!  It’s so much fun to see what other life an item can take on.  My coffee table is an industrial spool, my entertainment center is an old railroad cart, my buffet used to be a ratty old dresser, we made shelves out of plumbing pipes. There are so many of these things throughout my house!  So when I stumbled upon this project:

on Pinterest I filed it away in the maybe someday pile, because let’s face it I had bigger fish to fry that a cute set of hooks.  However, when Gwen started complaining that she had no place to store her hats and bags, and my budget was protesting the potential expense of purchasing a solution, I remembered this little beauty.

The best part?  I didn’t have to buy a single thing to make it!!!  First I got together all of the stuff I wanted to use: a piece of wood (I wanted a 1×4, but made a 2×4 work instead), some left over stain, 2 picture frame hooks, and a bunch of random drawer pull samples from trying to figure how to redo the kitchen.

Then we made sure the 2×4 fit where we wanted it (on the inside of the bedroom closet door).  I was really excited that I didn’t have to cut it.  Once we were sure it was the right piece of wood we stained it grey.

staining the base

Once the stain was dry, we figured out how many hooks we wanted (we used 5) and pre-drilled the holes for them.

drill the holes for the knobs

Then we attached the knobs.  They didn’t quite fit with the screws that came with them, but we used some 2″ machine screws we had floating around on the workbench.

use longer screws if needed  ready to hang on the door

At this point we realized that there was no way to hang it on the wall, so we had to attach the picture frame hooks after the drawer pulls were already secure.  If I every do this type of project again, I would attach the hangers first.

putting the hangers on the back

Next we attached it to the closet door and tested it out…

putting in the screws to hang the hooks  hung and ready for stuff  testing the hooks

So which pulls should we use in the kitchen?



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