Quest to Read Them All – Ruby Red

The next book on my Quest to Read Them All is actually an eBook called Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier.

ruby red

This is the first book in a fantasy trilogy centering around a teenage boy and girl, time travel, and menacing historical figures.  Gwyneth Shepard is the last in a line of time traveler and she is an integral part of solving the mystery of the chronograph.  She had no idea of her history and heritage, nor the adventures she will face.  The story is set in modern day London, with periodic trips into the past.  The historical aspects of this story fit in seamlessly, and even serve to enhance the suspense.  This is an interesting foray into fantasy, suspense and historical fiction.  This book was a great introduction to the story and only served to make me want to read the next two books (and very soon) to find out what happens to Gwen, Gideon, Lucy and Lesley.  There are so many unanswered questions, and I really hope that book two (Sapphire Blue) and book three (Emerald Green) give us those answers.


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