It’s Getting Frosty Around Here

We have been working on decorating (and renovating) our new-to-us house, and right now we are working on our dining room.  We’ve made a fantastic set of shelves to serve as a bar, rehabbed a curbside furniture find into a buffet, and made a couple of great pieces of wall art.  Which means that I’m now in need of shelf fillers and table scape pieces.  Which means that I needed to search out some ideas for pieces that would fit with my design aesthetic and our extremely limited budget; so I was off to Pinterest.  I found a bunch of great ideas, but the one that worked best for our current financial limitations was Frosted Glass Vases.

The project was super simple, and the only thing I actually had to purchase was the spray paint.  The original pin said to buy glasses at a local thrift store, but I was even more economical and used left over pieces from previous craft projects.  After I had procured the Frosted Glass Spray Paint, I found a bag of rubber bands and the leftover vases.

Frosted Glass Materials

I made sure the outside of the vases were clean and dry before placing rubber bands strategically around the exterior of each vase.

Rubber band Designs

When I was happy with the layout of the rubber bands, it was time to spray them.  I made sure I was in a well ventilated area, held the can about 12″ away from the vase and coated each one evenly.  When they were both neatly covered I set them aside to dry.  Just an FYI, don’t freak out if they don’t look frosted right away.  They take on that foggy look as they dry.

Frosting the Glass

After they were completely dry (I let them sit overnight) I removed the rubber bands, and admired the designs on each one.  It was really cool how the twisted rubber bands left different marking than the flat ones.

Removing the bands  Frosted Glass Vase

Don’t they look cute on the top of our repurposed buffet?

Buffet Top Decorations



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2 responses to “It’s Getting Frosty Around Here

  1. Very effective! Love how these look.

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