Quest to Read Them All – Dark Witch

As I continue of my Quest to Read Them All, I have made my way back to an author who’s work I love.  As a young college student, I was introduced to Nora Roberts writing, and being the slightly obsessive person that I am, I went on to read everything she’s written.  In my 20’s I would scower eBay and Amazon looking for her out of print titles, because she didn’t have anything new out and I wanted to read something else.  The first set of books (she writes a lot of trilogies) I read – Finding the Dream, Holding the Dream and Daring to Dream – are still amongst my favorites.

This week’s book, Dark Witch, is the first installment in Nora Robert’s newest trilogy, The Cousins O’Dwyer.

dark witch cover

Yes, as you can tell from the picture, it’s an eBook.  Due to space restrictions I have to be very selective about what books I keep physical copies of and which ones I will be happy to enjoy on my iPad.  We move around too much to add as many books as I actually read to my physical collection.  As it is, there are more than 16 totes (you know those good sized plastic buckets) of books waiting for the library/craft room to be painted so they can go onto shelves and breathe again.  But I digress…

One of the reasons I enjoy Nora Robert’s books are the characters.  I love how she creates these people who I can connect with so beautifully.  This was particularly true with the heroine of Dark Witch, Iona Sheehan.  She had rather uninterested parents a much deeper connection with her maternal grandmother, which, while not exactly the case for me, struck a resounding chord in my world.  All she ever really wanted was to be loved for who she was, and that is the gift she is given when she decided to seek out her destiny in County Mayo Ireland.  There are witches, sorcery, spells and potions in this book.  It has a good deal of fantasy and the paranormal, which is also one of Ms. Roberts mainstays and part of what keeps these stories so interesting.  I love how she introduced all of the key players, but kept the book mostly centered on Iona.  I cannot wait to see what happens next, and don’t have that long to go, because the 2nd book in the series, Shadow Spell, comes out on March 25th, 2014.  If I read the hints correctly, I believe this book will center around Connor and Meara.  However, we will all have to wait until November for the final installment, and the combustible heat that emanates from Branna and Fin.  Ghosts, witches, time travel, and spirit guides!  I cannot wait to finish this set of books!


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