Sunday Sweets – Fried Bananas

I love Bananas Foster, but they are a little harder to make than I like for an average everyday dessert.  So when I was looking around on Pinterest and found a recipe for Fried Bananas I was looking forward to trying it out!

I gathered the ingredients for this quick and easy dessert.  It calls for a banana, honey, water, and coconut oil (the recipe calls for spray, but I just melted some regular coconut oil).  The recipe also calls for the use of cinnamon, but I’m not a fan, so I didn’t use any.

fried banana ingredients

Once I had everything gathered, I cut up the banana, mixed the honey and water together, and melted the coconut oil in a skillet.

Mix honey and water   melting coconut oil   cut up a banana

When the oil was melted, I put the bananas in the skillet and let them brown on each side for approximately 3 minutes.

"frying" bananas  fry the other side

When the bananas are brown on both sides, turn off the burner and pour in the honey and water mixture.  This gives it a bit more sweetness, and works to deglaze the pan.  After the water had bubbled away, I removed them from the plan and placed them on a plate.

fried bananas

On the whole, I enjoyed the dessert, but the bananas were mushy.  I thought they would’ve been firmer.  Next time I make this dessert, I will use a less ripe banana and serve it with ice cream.


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