A Lovely List

As we continue to renovate our new home, I am always on the lookout for more cute decorations.  I stumbled across this Literary Lovers piece:

Gwen and I didn’t have a very traditional engagement, and definitely had an extremely small wedding (less than 40 people); therefore, we didn’t get many of these cute lovey type items.  I’m also a bit of a sap and really do enjoy these types of things.  When you combine that with my love of books, this project was really a no brainer.  As I read the blog post attached to the pin, I found a template available and downloaded it.  I used my regular word processing software to modify the names, fonts, and couples as appropriate for our life.  Specifically, we went with a slightly more visual set of couple names and added in some same-sex partners.  Once I had it updated to the way I wanted it, I printed the page.  Then I went and found an unused 8×10 frame I had hanging out with the photographs and trimmed the 8 1/2″x11″ piece of standard paper to fit.  Once I had everything together, I put the piece in the frame and closed the back.

Lovers List  Frame Installation  Lovers List

It’ll look very lovely on the dresser, or maybe the bookshelf, when we finish the Master Bedroom renovation.


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