Tasty Tuesday – Turkey Breast of Wonder

It seems that a great number of the people in my life thought I would be cooking a great deal over the winter, and I have somehow inherited both a frozen turkey and a frozen turkey breast.  (Not to mention the 2 hams and the 2 bags of shrimp.  Thank goodness I have a big freezer!)  So I have been in search of a couple of interesting turkey recipes.  Where would I look for an interesting turkey recipe, you ask.  Why Pinterest, of course.  So off I went to scower the pins and boards for something different!  It didn’t take very long to find an interesting recipe for the turkey breast.  Heck anything referred to as “Turkey Breast of Wonder” is at least worth a shot, right?

I’m usually really skeptical about things that claim to be overly amazing, but I was willing to take a chance on this, because it meant that I didn’t have to hang out in the kitchen for 3+ hours cooking the turkey.

I gathered my ingredients: a (defrosted) frozen turkey breast (mine was boneless, but bones are ok too), a can of cranberry sauce (the original recipe wanted whole berry, but nobody in my house likes that kind), a packet of onion soup mix (usually I’d use my homemade version, but I was out, so we made do), 1/2 cup of orange juice, salt & pepper.

Turkey Breast of Wonder Ingredients

OK, first things first – make sure the turkey is defrosted.  It won’t work if it’s still frozen.  Also, make sure there aren’t any surprises in the package.  Mine came all wrapped up in kitchen twine (which I left on), because it was boneless.  It also had some weird gravy Mix packet stuck in with the meat.  Once you have your thawed turkey breast all set, rinse it off and stick it into the crock pot.

Turkey boob in crock pot

Then it’s time to make the sauce.  In a separate bowl dump in the orange juice, then the cranberry sauce, and last the onion soup mix.

Time to make the sauce - OJ  Add the cranberry sauce  Now the onion soup mix

Then you mix them all together and pour over the turkey breast in the crock pot.

Interesting Color, huh?

Once everything’s in the pot, turn it on low and let it cook for 8-9 hours.  Mine took about 8.  It was a smaller breast.

Doesn't it look yummy?

Once it was finished cooking, and I had made the side dishes, I took out the meat and carved it.

carving the turkey

I have to say that this one actually lived up to it’s overly boastful name!  I was really good!  I may actually have to go out and buy a turkey breast, just to make this dish again.

Thanksgiving Diner in March?


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