A Welcome Bit of Irish

I’m a bit taken with wreaths.  It’s weird, I know…  I’m so not that guy, but our new house has this quaint, welcoming front porch that just screams decorate the front door.  I have been heeding the call since we moved into our home in the fall.  We’ve had a wreath for Halloween, one for Christmas, and even one for Valentine’s Day.  Now it’s time to honor our Irish heritage with some St. Patrick’s Day welcome.  I searched Pinterest for inspiration, and found some great options.

There were no directions attached to the pin, just an Etsy store. (Hmmm, maybe I should sell some of my crafts?  What do you think?)  I had to make do with my imagination, and a trip to Joann’s Fabrics for supplies.  I picked up a half a yard of 3 different St. Patrick’s Day fabrics, a roll of green ribbon, and a sparkly clover decoration.  I already had the pipe wrap that I use to make the wreath form.

Wreath Supplies

I made the wreath form, by duck taping the 2 ends of the pipe wrap together to form a circle.  Then I cut the stick off the bottom of the clover and created a ribbon loop to secure it to the center of the wreath.  This clover decoration was my own addition to the inspiration I found on Pinterest.

wreath form   Center Hanging Clover Decoration

Next, I cut the strips of fabric.  I used pieces about 1″ wide and 8″ long.  Then I tied them around the wreath form with simple knots.

fabric strips   tie me up...

At this point, I realized that my wreath wasn’t going to look anything like the inspiration.  The one I found on Pinterest had a narrower form; therefore, the ties had a fluffier, fuller look.  But it was too late at this point to stop, I was committed to my project.  I decided to change the format of the design a bit, by grouping the individual patterns together, instead of mixing them.  I proceeded to tie pieces each color fabric in sections around the form, alternating the knots from the interior to the exterior of the wreath.

Pattern 1  pattern 2   pattern 3

Once all of the fabric strips were tied on, I created a hanger out of the green ribbon and hung it on our front door.

St. Patrick's Day Door Wreath


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