Thirsty Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day Girlie Drink

I may identify more with my Italian heritage than my Irish ancestry, but I do very much enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  I am planning on hosting a pre-parade celebration this weekend, but not everyone coming likes the traditional Irish beers and the unique flavor of an Irish Car Bomb.  Which means that I needed to find a fun and light flavored alternative, so where do I go to look for things like this?  Why Pinterest, of course.  I found a drink that looked like fun, and wasn’t too expensive to put together.

The decorations for the drinks were more complicated than making the actual drinks.  Before I could actually mix up a sample for the party I had to make the chocolates to decorate the glasses and find all of the sugar to make the colors of the rainbow to decorate the rim.

Glass Decoration Supplies

I laid out the colored sugar in a circle approximately the same size as the rim of the martini glasses in ROY G BIV order.  I couldn’t find any orange or purple sugar, so I had to mix red and yellow to make the orange and red and blue to make the purple.  The directions said to coat the top of the glass with Kayro Syrup, but I just used water for my test run.

rainbow ring   making a rainbow on the glass rim  Rainbow Rimmed Glass

Next, I mixed the drink.  The directions say to use a shaker and ice to mix the drink, but I cheated, because it was just a sample.  I poured 2 parts Vodka and 1 part Green Apple Pucker into the Rainbow Rimmed Glass.

the boozey ingredients   start with 2 parts vodka  Add the green

When the drink was mixed, I added one of the shamrock decorations I made out of melting chocolates.  Mine wouldn’t hang off the side of the glass like they did in the directions I found, but it looked really cute floating in the drink.

Girlie St. Patrick's Day Drink!

Now to make 15 more for the pre-parade festivities!


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