Quest to Read Them All – The Mediator: Twilgiht

In case you hadn’t realized this, I’m a bit OCD.  I mean, really as if you couldn’t tell based on the title of this series of posts.  I’d have to be at least a bit OCD to go on a quest to read every book I own.  Anyway, I keep a running list of the books I’m planning to read in the order I plan to read them, and it had been bothering for the last few weeks that Twilight was slowly approaching the top of my To Be Read List.  I’m absolutely NOT a Bella Swan fan, I wouldn’t join either Team Jacob or Team Edward, and I couldn’t imagine having ever purchased any of the books in the series.  Why was it on my list, if I couldn’t imagine owning it?  Did someone give it to me as a gift?  Agghh, why haven’t I unpacked all of my books yet?  I’m still working on renovating my library/craft room, and almost all of my books are in tubs in the garage just waiting to eventually be neatly and lovingly placed on their newly built shelves.  So, you can understand why I was completely unnerved by that title creeping ever closer to the top of my reading list.  I was so relieved when I finally got up the nerve to head out to the garage and dig through the “To Be Read” tote and grab my next book.  It wasn’t an overhyped cheesey vampire novel, but the final installment in Meg Cabot‘s Mediator series!  I was so excited to see this book!

Meg Cabot's The Mediator: Twilight

After all that dread leading up to this title, I was really happy to have finally made it to the last book in this series, because now I was going to get to find out if Suze got her HEA (Happily Ever After), if Jesse found his rightful plane of existence, and what happened with Dr. Slaski and Paul.  I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I wasn’t disappointed.  I got my answers, was pleased with the way the author tied up the lose ends, and set up possibilities for future stories.  I was not really happy when the series took a left turn into the realm of time travel, because it seemed to take away from the original premise of Suze being a mediator, whose job it was to help souls move on by helping them resolve the issues that are keeping them tied to the mortal plain.  However, this book, even with the whole time travel aspect, was well presented and worked with the previously established character dynamics.  I would have rather had Father Dominick play a bigger role in the story, but he made up for it in the end!  I was really happy with the way everything worked out!


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