A Little Crown in my Dixie Cup…

Well, actually we know some folks who really enjoy drinking Crown Royal whiskey, and because I am a crafter at heart, they pass along all of the empty bottles.  I have managed to amass quite the collection, so I was looking for something to do with that style bottle in particular.  I found a cool idea on Pinterest for painting them to use as decorations.

The directions were very thorough, and pretty simple.  They supplies were also very reasonably priced.  I had most of them on hand.  I dug out one of my stash of crown bottles, an 80 grit sanding block, a can of metallic bronze spray paint, a sponge brush and a tester of wall paint.

painted bottles supplies

I had to remove the labels from the bottle to start, so I soaked it in a sink of warm water until the label just fell off.  Then I used a scrubby sponge to remove any of the remaining glue and gunk.

soaking the labels off

After the bottle was dry, I took it and the cap and spray painted them both with the Bronze Metallic paint.  I used a different style bottle than in the original pin, so my cap was plastic instead of glass.  I guess my friends don’t drink the really fancy stuff, only the semi-fancy whiskey.

Spraying on the base coat   Cap and bottle base coated

I let the base coat dry overnight, and then went over it with a nice thick coat of my top coat.  In the original pin, she used a different kind and color paint, but I’m not a big fan of turquoise, so I went with a nice creamy color and I’m on a budget, so I used the tester color I had leftover from choosing a new color for the living room walls.

Applying the top coat

When the top coat was completely dry, I distressed the bottle using an 80 grit sanding block to rub some of the top coat off, so you could see the metallic bronze color peaking through.

distressing a crown bottle

I think it came out great.  The bronze color and glass showing through make the bottle look like a really expensive knick knack, but it’s really just an empty liquor bottle rescued from the recycle bin.  The raised pattern on the bottle made the distressing look great!  What do you think?  What other colors should I make?  How about other types of bottles this would work on?

Distressed Painted Crown Royal Bottle




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