Quest to Read Them All – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The next book on my Quest to Read Them All is the final book in another personal mini-quest.  I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books multiple times, watch the movies when they show up on ABC family, own multiple copies of each book, and can now say that I’ve read the British versions of all of the novels as well as the American ones!  In case you haven’t guessed, this week’s book is the 7th book in J.K. Rowling’s fabulous series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I love this book!  Heck I love the whole series, but this is one of my favorites.  It wraps everything up so nicely.  I would say that even without the inclusion of the epilogue.  You get all the pieces to the puzzle handed to you in neatly crafted little packages throughout the story.  I really enjoy how J.K. Rowling managed to make the story about so much more than just Harry’s ultimate confrontation with Voldemort.

As an adult I can see the parallels to major cultural issues throughout the book (there have been many correlations to the Nazi persecution of the Jews).  As a reader I love the story for the remarkable adventure that it takes me on every time I open one of the books.  However, as a teacher I love that I can use the story to approach many difficult topics (stereotyping, bullying, prejudice and discrimination) with my students.

I also admire the inclusion of strong female characters throughout the series, but one of my all time favorite lines is in this book.  It is such a great maternal moment to see Molly Weasley step up to take on Bellatrix shouting, “Not my daughter, you bitch!”  I always secretly wished for a mom that had my back in that way, but that’s what great characters are for, right?  They fill in the blanks in our real lives.

I could spend days writing about the symbolism, characterization, personification, and epic qualities of this book.  In fact, I actually have – gotta love independent study courses!  However, what I love most about these books is that despite the infinite amounts of dissection and evaluation that I devoted to these books, they will always be great stories at heart!


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