Sunday Sweets – Rock Candy

I have always liked Rock Candy!  It was a fun “science” project as a child, with a yummy treat as a reward.  I’ve also seen the candy used as a fancy sugar substitute for coffee and dessert at swanky restaurants.  As you might imagine, I was very excited when I found some at the Main Street Confectionery at Walt Disney World.  As I was planning my Easter dinner for this year, I stumbled across a recipe on Pinterest for Rock Candy that I just had to try…

Thankfully I tried it out well in advance of the holiday, because it was an epic failure!  I got together the materials I needed, Sugar, water, a clean wooden chopstick, a clothespin, and a narrow glass.

rock candy supplies

The directions have you set up the clothespin and chopstick first, but as I learned if you do that, you’ll only have to take it apart later.

clothespin and chopstick set up

Next I tried to supersaturate the water with sugar.  It’s a time consuming and inexact process.  (This is also where I think I messed up.)  You heat the water on the stove and slowly add sugar 1/4 cup at a time stirring until it dissolves totally before adding more.  I think I added too much sugar to the pot of boiling water.

boiling water  sugar floats when saturated

Once you have the sugar solution mixed, add it to the narrow glass jar.  Dip the end of the chopstick in the solution and then into the unused sugar to give the crystals purchase to adhere to.

put the sugar solution in the jar seed the stick for better crystal adhesion

Once you’ve added that extra boost of sugar, put the chopstick back in the jar and set it all aside for 3-7 days.

set it aside to crystalize

The crystals in my rock candy matured too much.  They solidified completely in the bottom of the jar.  My experiment was an epic failure.  I’m so going to have to do this over again.

2 days in  6 days in remove the remaining sugar water my failed rock candy



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