Unwelcome Visitors…

As many of you know, I grew up in New York, where people mind their own business and generally don’t go where they weren’t invited.  There are the occasional door to door salesmen, but not a ridiculous number.  Since I’ve moved to Ohio, I’ve had more unwelcome visitors than I had in the entire time I lived in NY.  Now, keep in mind that we only moved into our house in mid-October and that the winter was ridiculously cold.  That means that over the course of the last few weeks I’ve had well over a dozen strangers coming to my door trying to help me find the Lord, convince me to vote for a backward thinking moron, and provide me services for the hard of hearing.  I had to figure out what I could do to keep the idiots at bay.  I’d seen a couple of cute “No Soliciting Signs” in my travels on Pinterest and decided to make one of my own.

First I found a wooden plaque that I had picked up at my local craft store, and stained it to match the house numbers we had made earlier.

Stain or Paint the Sign   Drying

I liked the sentiment, but I wanted to personalize it a bit, so I changed a few things to make it more my own.

Customize the Wording

I transferred the words using the chalk and tracing method I’ve used in the past.  Then I used a Sharpie Paint Pen to fill in the lettering.

Chalk over the back of the page   Then trace the image you want to transfer Fill in the outline with a Paint Pen   1/4 done  Finished

When I was done with the lettering, I sprayed the plaque with varnish to give it a protective covering, because it’s going to stay outside in the elements.  Then I attached a frame hanger to the back and hung it up.

Attach a frame hanger

It’s to the right of our front door…  I really hope it works!  I’m not very good at dealing with unwelcome visitors.

No Soliciting Sign   Good PLacement?


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