Quest to Read Them All – Highland Protector

As I continue on my Quest to Read Them All, I am back to one of my current favorite authors, Catherine Bybee.  She writes several series that I love, including: the Weekday Brides series, the Not Quite series, and the MacCoinnich Time Travel series.  This week’s book is Highland Protector, the 5th book in the MacCoinnich Family series.

Now, anybody who reads this series knows that we’ve been anxiously waiting for Amber’s story, I was definitely sharing that feeling, but I had to wait quite awhile to read this book…  It’s a newer release and I was in the middle of three or four other reading projects when it first came out.  I can honestly say that I was absolutely NOT disappointed with the book, and I probably should’ve worked it into my schedule earlier, but now the wait for Cian’s book isn’t quite as long.  In the previous books, all of the action has been centered in the Scottish highlands in the sixteenth century and the contemporary Los Angeles area.  This book introduces characters and action from the future.  It was a really great change, and an intriguing way to broaden the series.  Kincaid and Amber are a great couple, and rightfully the center of the action; however, Catherine Bybee shows her remarkable storytelling skills by giving her readers a deeper connection with secondary characters throughout the series.  I particularly enjoyed the interaction between Selma and Jake.  I also want to know what Rory’s connection to the 21st century couple is…  I am anxiously awaiting the next book, and I really hope that it isn’t the final installment in the series.  I want to know about Colleen, Rory, Mrs. Dawson, and the rest of the MacCoinnich clan.


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