Sunday Sweets – Cream Cheese Butter Cream Icing

This year I’m in charge of dessert for Easter, which is a very welcome change!  I decided to make a carrot cake (bunnies eat carrots, and Easter is all about the bunny, after all…), but I wasn’t happy with the frosting recipe that was included in the recipe.  I know, who’s surprised by that?  Not me…  I headed over to Pinterest to find an alternative, and this was the recipe I chose:

It looked super simple and sounded good.  I gathered the ingredients: 2 sticks of butter, 3 packages of cream cheese, and 6 cups of powdered sugar.

Icing Ingredients

I made sure the butter and cream cheese were softened to room temperature and easy to work with.  Then I put them in the bowl of my stand mixer (with the whisk attachment) and blended them together on medium high.

cream cheese and butter ready to mix

When they were nicely mixed, I lowered the speed on the mixer and started adding the powdered sugar (2 cups at a time).

add powdered sugar

When everything was nicely combined, I set the icing aside and waited for the cupcakes that I made to cool.

Ready to apply

When the cupcakes were cool enough, I grabbed my offset spatula and applied a generous amount to each cupcake.  The frosting was delicious!  My only complaint was that it didn’t set up very well, it was almost too creamy.

icing the cake


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