The Incredible Shrinking… Wardrobe!

On Wednesday I usually write about whatever craft project I have completed this week, but not today.  Today I am going to talk about something a bit different.  Why, you ask?  Well, because I haven’t actually finished this week’s project yet.  I was so overwhelmed and distracted by the Spring Cleaning task I took on this week, that between it and work there just wasn’t enough time for much else.  What kind of Spring Cleaning project could possibly be that overwhelming?  Going through, pairing down, and reorganizing my entire wardrobe!

What on Earth would make me want to tackle that monumental of a task?  We recently moved from Long Island, NY to Akron, OH.  We also went from living in extremely tight quarters (we’re talking less than a studio apartment small) to a 3 bedroom house.  I’ve changed jobs and lost 2 full sizes worth of weight; however, the biggest factor in this project was the design of the master closet.  The master is the last room we need to tackle, in order to get our house to place we want it to be.  The room became closetless when we remodeled the bathroom, so I get to design my closet from scratch.  In order to do that I needed to know exactly what I’m going to have to stuff into the new and improved closet space.  That’s what brought me to taking on this project now…  An influx of universal indicators that screamed at me to get off my ass and go through all of the boxes, tubs and suitcases.

I literally touched every piece of clothing, every single shoe, every boot, and every purse, hat or glove I own in the last 48 hours.  I started the project with great enthusiasm and optimism, but as I continued the process, it became harder and harder.  I evaluated whether each piece was something I liked, if it fit, and if it was something I couldn’t’ live without replacing if it didn’t meet the 2 previous criteria. I literally touched it all.  It was an amazing amount of stuff.

I’ve come to several conclusions during this process…

  1. I had approximately a metric ton of clothing
  2. I have officially left the “Plus Size” category of Women’s Clothing (and NEVER intend to return)
  3. I probably kept more than I should’ve
  4. I still need to replace some items with better fitting substitutions
  5. A woman can NEVER have too many shoes!
  6. I’m going to get a minor windfall of cash when I bring the “NO Pile” to Clothes Mentor!

Can you say consignment??   My Shoes!!!   The Keepers

I’ll keep you posted about the continued progress on the closet, but now that this is mostly finished (I still need to put away the clean clothes, wash some more laundry, bring the toss pile to the consignment shop, … oh it really is a never ending project!), I should be able to get back to my regularly scheduled craft projects.


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