Quest to Read Them All – Revenge Wears Prada

As I continue on with my Quest to Read Them All, I have made my way back to an author who’s works I have loved and enjoyed.  My first encounter with Lauren Weisberger was reading The Devil Wears Prada.  I fell in love with the book, the characters, and the fashion (oh the fashion).  I was less enamored of her later works, but I was too intrigued by her return to the Devil that I loved to hate to pass up the chance to add Revenge Wears Prada to my library when it came out.

Revenge Wears Prada

The old saying, “You can never go home again,” is very applicable in this situation.  The book opens with a terrifying dream sequence centering around Andy Sachs and the infamous Miranda Priestly, but that isn’t the direction the book takes.  Yes, Miranda does play a part in the book, but the book centers around Andy’s life and new business venture.  We catch up with some of the other characters from the first book, but the most amazing return was Emily.  Emily, the infamous 1st Assistant to Miranda during Andy’s tenure at Runway, and Andy have joined forces to launch a specialty magazine called The Plunge.  The premise of the book was interesting and plausible (in a high end Manhattan sort of way), but it just didn’t catch me in the same way that the original did.  I missed the high paced craziness, and the way that the book centered around the magazine in The Devil Wears Prada.  The second book was less focused.  It seemed to be missing something as a result.  I still enjoyed Andy, but I was disappointed in her lack of growth, despite the 10 year time difference in the two works.   Overall, I enjoyed the book, but it won’t be an automatic reread, and I probably wouldn’t go see the movie (if there ever was one).


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