Thirsty Thursday – Sparkling Strawberry Wine

Sorry this is late, but we went to a Pure Romance party hosted by one of our good friends last night and I was a bit distracted…  The theme of the party was pretty in pink, and we were asked to bring something fun and fresh along, so I decided to mix up some adult beverages.  I needed something that was universally appealing, like a punch, but I also wanted something that was a bit more sophisticated, like a sangria; however, I waited until the last minute, so I went with a Sparkling Strawberry Wine recipe I found on Pinterest.

I grabbed the ingredients:  a bottle of sweet white wine (Moscato works), a half a bottle of Sierra Mist (about 3 cans of any lemon-lime soda works), and a bag of frozen strawberries.

Strawberry Wine Spritzer Ingredients

The pin didn’t have any real instructions, so I winged it.  I dumped most of the bag of strawberries into a pitcher.

Frozen Strawberries

Then I added the soda (or pop, like everyone around here calls it…).

Add the soda

Finally I poured in the bottle of white wine.

Add the wine   Smelled light and fruity

Don’t forget to stir it, so the strawberries don’t become a giant ice cube.  I poured a glass to test it before serving, and it tasted remarkably like Arbor Mist.

Taste Test  Sparkling Strawberry Wine

I may try a different flavor next time, because the blackberry Arbor Mist was always our favorite…




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