Climbing the Ladder Toward the Finishing Touches

I was looking through Pinterest earlier this year, and found this idea I loved that worked with my decor and even fit into my budget.  I just had to get the renovations to a place where we were ready to start adding the finishing touches.  Well, we’ve finally made it to that point in the living room, so I decided that this week would be the perfect time to try and recreate the Blanket Ladder I found…

I have several crocheted blankets that I’d love to display in my living room, but I don’t want the dogs to destroy them.  This project seems like the perfect solution to that problem.  I started by gathering the materials I needed: 2 5 foot pieces of 2×4, 4 17 inch pieces of 2×6, 16 2 1/2 inch wood screws, a drill (with a working battery), a rag and stain.  Once I had everything together, I stained all of the wood pieces and let them dry over night.

stain the wood

When the pieces were dry, I grabbed the tape measure and my drill.  I laid out the rungs of the ladder along the rails based on the measurements provided in the pin.  She wanted 4 rungs spaced 12 inches apart starting 3 inches from the to of the rails.  I decided to remove the final rung, because I liked the visual spacing better.  I also didn’t use pocket holes, because I’m too cheap to purchase a $100 Kreg Jig.  The design of the piece is rustic/industrial so face nailing the rails worked within the design.  After I had everything measured out, I used 2 screws for each side of each rung to secure the 2×6 pieces between the 2×4 rails.

laying out the rungs securing the rungs between the rails

After all 3 rungs were secured, I stood the ladder up and placed some of my blankets.  I’m not sure if I like the ladder.  I think that it’s not level, but it stands and the rails show level.  Maybe it’s just my crooked old house…

waiting for balnkets   $10 Blanket Ladder




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