Quest to Read Them All – Sapphire Blue

This week in my Quest to Read Them All I chose an eBook.  I’ve ready many books on my Kindle.  I am not a purist that must feel the pages between my fingers.  I love all books, and am usually in the middle of at least 3 at any given moment (one or more of which is digital).  This week I read the 2nd book in Kerstin Gier’s time travel trilogy, Sapphire Blue.

Sapphire Blue

It was every bit as good as the first book.  It answered some of the questions left from Ruby Red, while leaving enough unanswered to keep the reader interested enough to look forward to Emerald Green.  In the first book, we met Gwyneth Shepherd, her traveling companion and possible love interest Gideon de Villiers, her best friend Lesley, and a host of other interesting people, ghosts, and demons.  The second book finds us again following Gwen on a slightly confusing  journey through time.  Normally, I really don’t enjoy books that are confusing.  I want the plot to be interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable.  However, the reason that I find the confusion in this trilogy acceptable (entertaining even) is because the reader isn’t the only one confused.  Gwen herself is kept in the dark about the reason and purpose of her time travel.  She had not been trained or prepared as the previous travelers had been for the “mission” connected to the journeys.  This seeming treachery is a key part of what keeps the action going.  I, for one, want to know what and why they are keeping the information from Gwen.   Lesley is on a mission to keep Gwen safe, and plans to do that by keeping her informed and helping her try and figure out what the Circle is hiding from her.  I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens next for Gwen and her friends!


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