Quest to Read Them All – Out of Focus

This stop on my Quest to Read Them All is completely accidental, but I might just revisit the town of Adams Grove again.  I was shopping for eBooks on Amazon, and Out of Focus by Nancy Naigle was a bonus book that I got for free when I purchased another book.

Out of Focus

I figured free is good, so what the heck.  Their promotional scheme worked!  Now I want to know about the other residents in Adams Grove, so I’m going to have to go back and check out some of Ms. Naigle’s other stories.  Out of Focus was a nice combination of healing, rebirth, mystery, unrequited love, and burgeoning romance.  It wasn’t over the top in the hearts and flowers department, and it didn’t push reality too far in how the young widow handled moving on after the loss of her husband.  I was engaged by the characters, but I would have liked to meet Turtle Mike and Maggie sooner in the book.  However, that would have made Casey’s growth less believable and the story less wholesome.  Perhaps the author will revisit Casey and Jake.  I also loved the connection and friendship between Casey and Cody.  I want to know more about these people and the quiet little town they call home.  I’m going to go check out Nancy Naigle’s website and see what comes next or maybe before…


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