Quest to Read Them All – The Time Traveler’s Wife

OK, so I’m considerably behind the times in my To Be Read pile of books, but that’s what happens when your library ends up stored in tubs for an extended period of time…  This week my ongoing Quest To Read Them All has presented a book that I refused to watch the movie adaptation of until I had finished reading the original work.  I purchased Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife at the same time as the rest of the reading public, but I’ve only just gotten around to reading the book.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I’m not so sure I really liked the book.  I hate having to admit things like that, but if I can’t even be honest with myself about my preferences, then what’s the point in sharing my thoughts with the world at large (or at least anyone tat takes the time to read this blog).  I liked the premise of the story.  It was an interesting concept.  I enjoyed trying to keep up with the shifting nature of Henry and Claire’s relationship.  I wasn’t very fond of the almost martyr-like personality that Henry has throughout the story.  Yes he has an “affliction” but instead of making the best of this rare gift, he seems to punish himself and Claire.

I wonder if I will like the book better after I see the movie.  I’ve just added it to my Netflix instant que, so I might just try and watch it tomorrow.  Anyone have any feelings about this story?  Should I have approached it from a different perspective?  What did you guys think of Henry and Claire?  Is it weird that Kimmy was my favorite character?



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2 responses to “Quest to Read Them All – The Time Traveler’s Wife

  1. I really enjoyed the premise but found it quite sad. Maybe I liked it more in hindsight. I agree that it was slightly fraught with a tad too much angst. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would but I think you had to have read the book to really understand what was going on. I saw it a few years ago so I may have to read and watch it again.

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