Quest to Read Them All – Truths and Roses

The next stop on my Quest to Read Them All brings me to an e-book I downloaded for free as a promo with another book I bought.  As the title of this series suggests, I have set out to read every book I own, even the ones I didn’t actually intend to purchase, and Inglath Cooper’s Truths and Roses was next on my To Be Read List.

Truths and Roses

In this case, not having actually paid for the book was a good thing.  It meant that I wasn’t nearly as annoyed as I would’ve been had I actually spent money on the book.  I just couldn’t get into the story.  I love a good romance novel as much as the next girl.  I can’t get enough of Susan Mallery and Catherine Bybee, but this book just didn’t draw me in.  I couldn’t get behind the romance between the traumatized small town librarian and the forced to retire professional football hero.  The book had all the required ups and downs of a good romance, I just wasn’t caught.  Definitely not one I would recommend or seek out the rest of this author’s stories based on.



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