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Jingle Bells on Swinging Doors

Welcome to the holiday crafting season… in my house, at least.  Now, most dedicated crafters started their Christmas crafts way back in the early fall, but as you all know my life has been in renovation and moving upheaval, so I’m just getting started with the crafty Christmas prep.  We traditionally decorate for the holidays on the weekend after Thanksgiving, and in the process I made note of the things that were missing when we put everything out.  There were a couple of things absent – a wreath, a card display (for all of the Christmas cards we exchange), and ornaments commemorating this year’s big changes (Daddy’s death, the 2 new puppies, and our new house).  So I’m going to spend the next few weeks creating these items, and where pray tell will I find these craft directions?  Why Pinterest, of course…

I loved this ornament wreath I found, but when I tried to make it, let’s just say it was an epic failure.  When that bombed, I headed back to Pinterest and went looking for another wreath to make.  I liked the way the ribbon wreaths looked, so it was off to the local craft store for me.  I couldn’t find the kind of ribbon they used in the blog, so I decided to modify the plan again, and make a version of the ribbon wreath I made for Halloween.  I purchased the supplies that I needed:

2 spools each of blue, purple, pink, turquoise, green and black 1″ ribbon

1 spool 1 1/2″ translucent silver ribbon

1 spool each of 4 types of decorative 2″ ribbon

and gathered the supplies I had at home:


1 3 foot piece of pipe insulation

a Disney Jingle Bell ornament.

photo 1 (25)

Once I had everything I measured the length for the 1″ ribbon and cut the pieces.  Tying them around the wreath form (which I had previously made into a circle and secured with duck tape) so that they covered the entire form.

photo 2 (25)

Once I had the entire thing covered, I cut the 2″ ribbon to length

photo 1 (24)

and then tied these pieces on top of the solid color ribbons, so that they were touching each other, but weren’t overlapping.

photo 3 (22)

When all of the ribbons were attached, I needed to make a hanger for the wreath and figure out how to attach the jingle bell.  I used the 1 1/2″ ribbon to make the bow to hang the wreath.  I attached the loop on the ornament to the center of the ribbon and then tied a nice loopy bow to hang it on the front door.

photo 4 (18)

Then I took the wreath and hung it on our front door!  Check it out…

photo 5 (14)

What do you think??


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Balling with the Best of Them!

I’m really excited about this week’s Pinterest project!  I made a penny covered gazing ball for the garden.  This is one of the first things I pinned from Pinterest with the actual intention of completing the project.  There are more than 100 versions of this project online, but you all know me and my need to adjust the directions to suit my needs, so I did just that…

First we went to the Thrift Store, bank, and home improvement store to collect all my needed supplies.  I got a bowling ball, some Amazing Goop Plumbing adhesive (I wanted something waterproof), $5 in pennies, and grouting supplies.  The grout was my own addition to the process.  I didn’t like how the bright blue bowling ball looked peaking through the spaces in the pennies.

The first thing I did was wipe down the ball, so that the adhesive would stick without any problems.  Then I added the pennies 50 at a time…

the first 50

the first 50

That's 100

That’s 100



somewhere between 200 & 300

somewhere between 200 & 300



somewhere north of 360 pennies - I totally lost count

somewhere north of 360 pennies I totally lost count

Once I was finished gluing down all the pennies I wasn’t crazy about what should’ve been the final product…  I hated all the blue peaking through the pennies…  So I went ahead and grouted the whole thing.  I also used the extra grout to fill in the empty spaces where the finger holes were, so the pennies I used to cover them didn’t collapse.



I followed the standard grouting method.  I covered everything, waited a bit for it to set up, wiped the excess off, waited for it to dry completely and then cleaned it off the rest of the way.

Which gave me my final product, which I cannot wait to put out in the garden.  It’s supposed to help change the color of hydrangeas and work to ward off slugs (yucky).

finished product!

finished product!

What do you think?  I may have to make another one…  I’ve already gotten a request to leave it here, even after we leave.




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An interesting meeting, some erranding, and a quiet evening at home…

Yeah, I’d have loved that to have been my day.  Alas, it was not.  While all of those things were part of my day they each came with caveats, addendum, and annotations.  Yes the meeting was both interesting and informative; however, it gave me a great deal of additional work to do, an unhappy partner, and no real resolution.  It has been said that I am the queen of erranding.  Today, that was very far from true.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t alone tackling my run here grab this pay that’s.  Maybe it was because I was having an off day.  Who knows, but I still have 2/3 of the things I needed to accomplish today migrating into tomorrow’s already crowded schedule.  Oh well, such is life.  As for the quiet night at home, that went the way of the puking pug and the backed up sink.  Ben & Jerry’s is so calling my name right now, but I still have a couple of things to do before they end up trying to sneak into tomorrow’s overtaxed schedule.

Here’s hoping Murphy keeps the rest of the contents of his tummy where they belong and not on my floor.ry%3D400

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