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Snapshot Saturday – Over the River and Through the Woods

This week I was reminded that we will soon be traveling to visit family for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, and we can’t wait!

Let's go Mom!

Let’s go Mom!


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Snapshot Saturday – Puppy Love



image (15)




This week I’m using 3 pictures instead of just 1.  These are my babies!  Murphy is 6 years old, Paddy is 16 weeks old, and Paddy is 9 weeks old.

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These Dogs Sure Are Barking…

I’m slowly, but surely working my way through my constantly increasing Pinterest Project list…  This week I turned an idea I saw on Pinterest as an item for sale on etsy into a DIY project.  I found a pin for a leash and treat holder, and since we just got a brand new puppy…


Paddy (10 weeks)

I now need (ok, want…) 2 of these 1 for each of our dogs.  The ones on Etsy are a bit out of our price range right now (hello, buying a house is freaking expensive).  So I made 2 of these cool leash holders for our new mudroom.

paddy's leash holder

They were pretty simple…

First I gathered all of my supplies – I purchased a 2 pack of bathrobe hooks, a 2 pack of large automotive hose clamps, 2 mason jars, and 2 wooden plaques from Michaels.  I also found a sponge brush, some acrylic paint, some screws, sand paper, an electric screwdriver, and chalk.

image (68)

The first thing I did was hit the computer and find an image of a paw print that I liked and laid out the lettering that I wanted.  I then printed the page out to use when I was ready.

Once I had everything all set, I sanded the plaques and then painted them the 2 colors we’d chosen.  We went with a blue for Paddy and purple for Murphy.

painting  image (79)

Once the plaques were dry, I took my printed lettering and paw prints and rubbed the chalk on the back of the page.  Then I traced the letters and graphic onto the plaque.  (This way is much less expensive then using carbon paper.)

image (78)  image (76)

When I had everything positioned the way I wanted (it took me 2 tries to get everything laid out the way I wanted, which is another reason I liked the chalk better), I painted the letters and print with black paint.

image (75)

When the lettering was dry on both plaques I attached the hook and the hose clamp.

attching hook  attaching hose clamp

Once I had the hose clamp secured to the plaque I put the mason jar in and tightened the clamp so that the  jar was secure.

Murphy's Leash Holder

The next step requires that we close on our new house and can hang these up in the mudroom, right next to the back door, fill them with the puppies’ favorite treats and hang up their leashes.  I can’t wait!!!!


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SnapShot Saturday – The Mother’s Day Edition

It’s Snapshot Saturday and tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so I’m going to post a picture of my baby.  He’s short, fuzzy and four-legged…  This Mother’s Day is going to be particularly difficult, because of my current family situation.  I’m not going to spend the day with my mother (which honestly I’m not to terribly upset about), my grandmother (which is a bit of a bummer) or my pug (which totally sucks!).  I am going to spend the day with lots of people I love and actually enjoy being with, which is a vast improvement over years past.  I can’t wait to make new memories with people I actually want to spend time with!!!!


I'm sleepy momma...

I’m sleepy momma…

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Not over yet…

I swear this day is going to last for 72 hours!

So due to some crazy circumstances in my world, we moved most of our worldly possessions into storage, began a hopefully short stint of couch surfing, and have to take our beloved pug to stay with family out of state. All that and I’m still trying to maintain some semblance of my normal routine. I must be off my rocker.

When MBG asked if I was ready for this next adventure I think my answer surprised her. I told her, “this isn’t the next adventure, this is the transition between the old one and the new one. But I’m totally ready for this one to end!” It’s time to clear out all the excess baggage and make some sweeping changes in our lives. Let’s hope the transition is both swift and smooth, because after this last set of roller coaster bumps I could use a nice even keel. (Wow, I must be as overtired as I think! Holy clichés Batman.)

Time for a nap on our ridiculous journey… Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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An interesting meeting, some erranding, and a quiet evening at home…

Yeah, I’d have loved that to have been my day.  Alas, it was not.  While all of those things were part of my day they each came with caveats, addendum, and annotations.  Yes the meeting was both interesting and informative; however, it gave me a great deal of additional work to do, an unhappy partner, and no real resolution.  It has been said that I am the queen of erranding.  Today, that was very far from true.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t alone tackling my run here grab this pay that’s.  Maybe it was because I was having an off day.  Who knows, but I still have 2/3 of the things I needed to accomplish today migrating into tomorrow’s already crowded schedule.  Oh well, such is life.  As for the quiet night at home, that went the way of the puking pug and the backed up sink.  Ben & Jerry’s is so calling my name right now, but I still have a couple of things to do before they end up trying to sneak into tomorrow’s overtaxed schedule.

Here’s hoping Murphy keeps the rest of the contents of his tummy where they belong and not on my floor.ry%3D400

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