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Thirsty Thursday – Sparkling Strawberry Wine

Sorry this is late, but we went to a Pure Romance party hosted by one of our good friends last night and I was a bit distracted…  The theme of the party was pretty in pink, and we were asked to bring something fun and fresh along, so I decided to mix up some adult beverages.  I needed something that was universally appealing, like a punch, but I also wanted something that was a bit more sophisticated, like a sangria; however, I waited until the last minute, so I went with a Sparkling Strawberry Wine recipe I found on Pinterest.

I grabbed the ingredients:  a bottle of sweet white wine (Moscato works), a half a bottle of Sierra Mist (about 3 cans of any lemon-lime soda works), and a bag of frozen strawberries.

Strawberry Wine Spritzer Ingredients

The pin didn’t have any real instructions, so I winged it.  I dumped most of the bag of strawberries into a pitcher.

Frozen Strawberries

Then I added the soda (or pop, like everyone around here calls it…).

Add the soda

Finally I poured in the bottle of white wine.

Add the wine   Smelled light and fruity

Don’t forget to stir it, so the strawberries don’t become a giant ice cube.  I poured a glass to test it before serving, and it tasted remarkably like Arbor Mist.

Taste Test  Sparkling Strawberry Wine

I may try a different flavor next time, because the blackberry Arbor Mist was always our favorite…




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Thirsty Thursdays – Whiskey Sours

I can remember many a holiday from my childhood where my dad would break out the blender and a bottle of mix he found at Pathmark and mix up some Tom Collinses or Whiskey Sours for all the adults.  I spent so much time flashing back to those moments that I had to try and recreate the feeling by mixing up some Whiskey Sours of my own.  I found the recipe I used on Pinterest and made them from scfratch instead of using a mix, but the smell was the same and what they say about sense memory sure is true!

I grabbed my handy cocktail shaker, some ice, the Maker’s Mark, 4 lemons, 2 limes and the powdered sugar.

Whiskey Sour Ingredients

First I added 3 ounces of whiskey to the shaker, then the juice of the 4 lemons and 2 limes.

Pour 3 shots into the shaker   Juice your Fruit

Next came the powdered sugar.  The recipe said 4 teaspoons of powdered sugar, but my kitchen silverware tends to be on the larger side of life, so I only used 3.  You can adjust the amount of sugar to taste, so it was no big deal.  You can also substitute simple syrup if you have it on hand.

add powdered sugar

It’s only 4 ingredients, so it was quick and easy to put together.  Once everything was in the shaker, I went to town shaking until the sugar dissolved completely.  When the mix was ready, I filled a rocks glass with ice and poured the drink.

don't stop shaking   pour me a drink!

It came out great.  I might add more sugar next time, or try a different kind of whiskey, but it is a definite repeat performance.  Way better than vodka!

Whiskey Sour

Do any of you drink something now that reminds you of your childhood?

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Thirsty Thursday – Blackberry Martini

Gwen loves vodka, but I’m just not a huge fan.  I’m not a quitter, so I keep trying to find a way to serve it that I’ll actually like, but I’m not having any luck.  This week I chose a flavor I absolutely love, blackberry, to try and make the vodka more pleasant.  I found the recipe on Pinterest, as usual…

The recipe called for some components that you had to prepare in advance – simple syrup and blackberry puree.  I keep simple syrup on hand, but the blackberry puree was easy to make.  It’s exactly what it sounds like… pureed fresh (or frozen) blackberries.  The directions saw to run it through a food processor and a metal sieve, but I used an immersion blender and cheese cloth.  Once I had the puree made, I gathered all of my ingredients: vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, super fine sugar, a lemon, the blackberry puree, simple sugar, and ice.

blackberry martini ingredients

The recipe is to make 4 drinks, but I was the only one drinking tonight, so I reduced to 1/4 of the original amount.  (Well, except the ice…)  I started out by prepping the glass.  I cut my lemon in quarters and sliced one wedge across the middle without cutting through the rind, so it would rest nicely on the edge of the glass.  Then I ran it around the side of the glass to give the superfine sugar something to stick to.

rim the glass with a lemon

Then I set up the sugar for the rim.  If you have a margarita rimmer you’re ahead of the game, if not you can use a plate and spoon.  I made a circle about the same size as my glass out of the sugar on a plate, then I put the juiced glass down in the sugar circle.  I didn’t make the pile of sugar deep enough, so I used a spoon to spread some more sugar higher onto the side of the glass.

sugar circle   sugar rimmed glass

I stuck the glass in the freezer to chill while I mixed the drink.  I filled the shaker with ice, before adding 1/4 ounce each of blackberry puree, simple syrup, lemon juice, and triple sec.  Then I added 2 ounces of vodka and shook for about 10 seconds.

shaker of ice   1/4 ounce blackberry puree   1/4 ounce simple syrup   1/4 ounce lemon juice   1/4 ounce triple sec  2 ounces vodka

Boy goes a shaker get chilly when it’s full of ice…  When everything was well mixed, I poured it into my frosted sugary glass and tasted it…

Blackberry Martini   Blackberry Martini

It looked great, I’d absolutely serve these at a party, but I just don’t like vodka…  Any suggestions on how to change my mind?

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Thirsty Thursday – Mad Hatter Potion

I’ve been feeling very Disney recently!  So, when I needed a group drink for a Disney screening party I went with a recipe I found on Pinterest a while back, called The Mad Hatter Potion.

It was an interesting recipe, and sounded like it would taste yummy.  I gathered the ingredients: a bottle of white wine (I went with an inexpensive sweet white wine), 1 cup of orange juice, 1/4 cup of sugar (I added some extra to rim the glasses), 1/4 of brandy, 1/4 of blue curacao, 2 cups of club soda and ice.

Mad Hatter Potion Ingredients

First, I poured the wine into the pitcher.  Then I added the orange juice, sugar, brandy, and blue curacao.

Start with the Wine  Add the Orange Juice   Add the Brandy   Add the Blue Curacao   Add the Sugar

I stirred the mixture to combine the ingredients and dissolve the sugar.  When it was well mixed, I put the pitcher in the fridge to chill.  The recipe suggests 2 hours, but I left it to cool while I finished setting everything up for the screening party.  (We were having a Disney movie marathon!)

Chillin' in the Fridge

When everything was nicely cooled off, I removed the pitcher and the club soda from the refrigerator.  I added the club soda to the mixture by pouring it gently down the side of the pitcher like the recipe instructed.

Add the Club Soda

When all of the ingredients were combined, it was time to rim the glasses with sugar and fill them with ice to serve the yummy punch.

Rim the glass   serve over ice

The final drink was really very delicious!  I might have to make this again…

Mad Hatter Potion

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Thirsty Thursday – Sweet Tea

I’m always in the market for an alternative to soda (you may also know it as pop, but that’s just weird).  Regional linguistic differences aside, I’m not a fan of super sticky, syrupy sweet fizzy drinks, but I absolutely love iced tea.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for authentic Southern Style Sweet Tea.

It was a pretty straightforward recipe, but there is a secret ingredient.  The first thing I had to do was get a vessel large enough to hold my batch of tea.  I found a great 1 gallon Mason Jar at my local craft store!  I’ve been looking all over for one of these, and it was a stroke of luck to find it at Joann’s on 40% off sale, while I was buying fabric for another project.  Ahh, but I digress… I gathered all of the ingredients to make a full batch of Sweet Tea.  The recipe calls for 12 regular size tea bags, 1 quart of boiling water, 3 quarts of cool water, 1 1/2 cups of sugar, and the secret ingredient 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.

Sweet Tea Ingredients

I made sure I washed my new Mason Jar before I sprinkled the baking soda in the bottom.  Then I tossed in the dozen tea bags.  Once they were in the giant jar, I poured in 1 quart of boiling water covered it and set it aside for 15 minutes.

Secret Ingredient   Red Rose Tea Bags   Boiling Water   Steeping Tea

After the 15 minutes had elapsed, I removed the used tea bags and added the sugar stirring it until it had dissolved completely.  When the sugar was fully mixed in, I added the 3 quarts of cool water.  After the jar was full, I covered it and stuck it in the fridge to cool off.

Remove Tea Bags   Add Sugar   Cool Water   Sweet Tea

I have to say, this is really good tea, but it’s also really sweet.  I think next time I’ll try making it with honey instead of white sugar.  What alternative sweeteners do you use?

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Thirsty Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day Girlie Drink

I may identify more with my Italian heritage than my Irish ancestry, but I do very much enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  I am planning on hosting a pre-parade celebration this weekend, but not everyone coming likes the traditional Irish beers and the unique flavor of an Irish Car Bomb.  Which means that I needed to find a fun and light flavored alternative, so where do I go to look for things like this?  Why Pinterest, of course.  I found a drink that looked like fun, and wasn’t too expensive to put together.

The decorations for the drinks were more complicated than making the actual drinks.  Before I could actually mix up a sample for the party I had to make the chocolates to decorate the glasses and find all of the sugar to make the colors of the rainbow to decorate the rim.

Glass Decoration Supplies

I laid out the colored sugar in a circle approximately the same size as the rim of the martini glasses in ROY G BIV order.  I couldn’t find any orange or purple sugar, so I had to mix red and yellow to make the orange and red and blue to make the purple.  The directions said to coat the top of the glass with Kayro Syrup, but I just used water for my test run.

rainbow ring   making a rainbow on the glass rim  Rainbow Rimmed Glass

Next, I mixed the drink.  The directions say to use a shaker and ice to mix the drink, but I cheated, because it was just a sample.  I poured 2 parts Vodka and 1 part Green Apple Pucker into the Rainbow Rimmed Glass.

the boozey ingredients   start with 2 parts vodka  Add the green

When the drink was mixed, I added one of the shamrock decorations I made out of melting chocolates.  Mine wouldn’t hang off the side of the glass like they did in the directions I found, but it looked really cute floating in the drink.

Girlie St. Patrick's Day Drink!

Now to make 15 more for the pre-parade festivities!

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Thirsty Thursday – Raspberry Lemon Drop

I’m trying to learn more about mixed drinks.  I have a good sense of flavor combinations from years of cooking, but I’m not as adept at mixology.  (Could it have something to do with not being a big fan of alcohol?)  I’ve been looking for different options to try out on Pinterest.  I love raspberries!  Their sweetness and flavor are only enhanced by the addition of a bit of citrus, which is why I chose to make the Raspberry Lemon Drop.

I gathered all the ingredients to mix the drink.  It calls for 2 ounces of vodka, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 8 fresh raspberries, a splash of 7-Up, 2 teaspoons of sugar, ice, and a drink shaker.

Raspberry Lemon Drop Ingredients

Once I had everything together, I muddled (which basically means crushed) the raspberries, sugar and lemon juice together in the shaker.  Then I added the ice, vodka, and 7-Up.

raspberry   sugar   lemon juice  ice  vodka  a splash of 7-up

Now that everything was in the shaker, it was time to actually mix it…  I shook it like there was no tomorrow.  I also coated the rim of the glass with granulated sugar.  Then I filled the glass with the shaken cocktail.

shaken cocktail

The finished drink I garnished with fresh raspberries and a lemon wedge (which I was out of).  It had a nice flavor combination, but I’m still not a fan of vodka.  I really have to find some non-vodka based drinks to check out.

raspberry lemon drop

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