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The winds of change are blowing my way (yet again!)

Some of you may have noticed that over the course of the last few months the frequency of post and the content of this blog has been changing.  There’s a reason for those changes.  My whole world has been undergoing something of a metamorphosis.  Not a Kafka-esque one, cause eww who’d want to turn into a nasty cockroach, but a series of huge changes none the less.  As some of you may remember I recently lost my dad, moved to middle America, bought a house (that needed a lot of TLC and some serious renovations), found a few job, and made some fantastic friends!  That’s a lot of stuff, right?  but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s been going on in the last few months…  I’ve also ended a marriage, lost a bunch of weight, mostly finished renovating the house, found a job in my field, found even more great people, met a great guy, expanded my previously shrinking family, and decided to move (again)!  With all of that going on behind the scenes, I have to apologize for slipping with the frequency of my posts.  I am trying to keep up with as many of the topics as I can, but as my move to the southwest gets closer (and more of my stuff got packed – the craft supplies went 1st, then the books, and finally the kitchen equipment) it became increasingly hard to keep up.  I hope to be back up and running very soon, but just in case, please don’t forget about my out there in the blogosphere, I’ll be back with even more projects, adventures, reads, and recipes!

Now I wonder if you can make it from Ohio to Arizona by way of New York, Walt Disney World or Mount Rushmore…  We shall see!!!


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Snapshot Saturday – Hiding in Plain Sight


The most amazing things can sometimes be hiding in plain sight.  I’m making an effort to look for the joy and beauty right in front of me.  I look forward to finding many more pieces of hidden beauty right before my eyes!!

Butterfly 4

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Snapshot Saturday – Blooming Butterfly

Can you sense a theme?  I love butterflies, and all that they represent!  What do they mean to you?  For me they are change, growth, beauty, joy, hope, flight, …

Butterfly 3

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Snapshot Saturday – Spring take Flight

It finally really feels like Spring!  I’m also continuing on my journey of many changes and I cannot think of anything that symbolizes change and Spring better than a beautiful butterfly.  We found this lovely creature at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH.  It was a great day and the beginning of something magical.  I hope we can return to the majesty of that moment many more times!

Butterfly 1

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Snapshot Saturday – Horizons

The beginning of a new year welcomes self-reflection and plans of self improvement.  I have spent a great deal of time looking at the horizon recently, and forgetting the pieces that I need to work with that are more within my immediate reach.  So for this coming year, I am going to concentrate on the smaller things that I can change on an individual basis.  Here’s to looking to the horizons and working to make the changes we need to reach them!

photo 2

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