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Snapshot Saturday – Reliving Childhood Memories

I can’t believe my father has been gone for an entire year.  There are days when I feel like I spoke to him less than 24 hours before, and others when I feel like he’s been missing from my life for an eternity.  I decided to use this month’s Snapshot Saturday Posts to pay tribute to him and some of the places he loved most.  We spent a lot of the last few years revisiting some of the adventures we had while I was growing up. We went to ball games, amusement parks, the zoo, the movies, car races, casinos, and museums.  One of my favorite memories of childhood was going to the Bronx Zoo with my Dad, my brother and our Grandma.  The last trip I took with my dad was a return visit to the Zoo.  This is a picture of him outside of the Rhinoceros habitat in April of 2013.

daddy at the bronx zoo


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