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Snapshot Saturday – Boom!

July is the month that we, in the United States, celebrate our country’s independence.  Generally speaking, we honor the bravery and determination of our forefathers by having a BBQ, drinking some beer (or beerlike substance) and blowing stuff up!  I love FIREWORKS!!!  The boom, the colors, the majestic pictures in the night sky!  So, this month I’m going share some of my favorite pictures of this year’s fireworks!

5th of July Party


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Snapshot Saturday – Boom!

I’m elbow deep in home renovations and it feels like an explosion went off in our new house!  So that made me remember fondly our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, and watching the fireworks on the roof of the Contemporary Resort.

Contemporary Fireworks

I love watching the fireworks from this roof top vantage.  I will never be able to watch the show without remembering my dad!

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Snapshot Saturday – Fireworks!


In honor of the 4th of July and the snap crackle pop that lit up the sky on Thursday, I’ve chosen a picture of one of my favorite pyrotechnic explosions.  This is a shot of the fireworks at Walt Disney World taken from inside Cinderella’s Castle!  I’m such a Disney girl, that this is where we went on our honeymoon!  I can’t wait until we go back for our annual anniversary trip!

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